If you would like to use your Mac you MUST follow the steps below to utilize Xactimate on your Mac.

Items Needed:

Windows 10 Software ($119)

8GB USB 3.0 Drive ($10)

1. Download the Windows 10 Disc Image. Choose 64-bit download.


2. Make sure macOS, your Mac firmware, and Boot Camp Assistant are up to date.

3. Once you have the Windows 10 ISO downloaded (see above), open the Boot Camp assistant. Click the following boxes: Create a Windows 10 install disk; and Install Windows 10. 

4. Insert the USB drive and select the Windows 10 ISO file via the Boot Camp Assistant.

5. Boot Camp will copy the Windows 10 ISO and all the Boot Camp drivers needed to run Windows to the USB stick. After some time your USB drive will become a Windows 10 boot disk.

6. The next step is crucial: you need to partition your hard drive. This means choosing how much storage to give to Windows 10 and take away from macOS. The recommended minimum is 20GB, but 30GB or more is better. Windows 10 itself will take up a lot of space, so hand over as much as you can afford.

7. Once you have set the required space, click Install. Windows 10 will start to install.

8. As this is happening you will see Windows restart a few times. Things are working well if after a while you hit the 'We're getting your PC ready' screen. Don't worry if this is on-screen for a quarter of an hour or so.

9. Once the process is finished your computer will reboot. It should reboot into Windows 10 so you can see the Windows set up screen, but it isn't a problem if it reboots to macOS. Regardless, whenever you reboot, if you hold the Option/Alt key you will see a menu from which you can select which operating system to launch.

10. Next enter your product key and select your Windows Boot Camp partition to install Window on.

11. Follow the installation process. Once installed the Mac will boot into Windows 10.

12. Now you need to install the Boot Camp drivers that are on the USB stick. Locate them and run setup.exe to install them


Now you have Windows 10 on your Mac. Enjoy!

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